Ixchel Museum Collection
Huipil de Virgen
San Pedro Sacatepéquez, Guatemala

Three panels form this huipil of enormous dimensions, since it is more than two meters long and almost one hundred and fifty-seven centimeters wide. The panels were woven in back-strap loom by a weaver who was commissioned by the Brotherhood of the Virgin Mary to do it with a technique of supplementary wefts to form the geometric brocades with cotton and silk and scarce fiber and very prestigious among the weavers of yesteryear. The huipil is woven with threads of the characteristic colors of the ritual dress of the San Pedro Sacatepéquez and of that time which was more than eight and a half decades ago. That is why it can be catalogued as a historical and classic huipil which also has a high ethnographic, documentary, religious and community value. This huipil dressed the Virgin of the Rosary of the Catholic church of the city, so you can see openings in some of its panels through which you can appreciate the infant Jesus that carries this venerated Virgin Mary.

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