Ixchel Museum Collection
Chichicastenengo, Quiché

A brown wool jacket woven on a foot loom. As can be seen, it is short and is finished with fringes whose threads are twisted. The sleeves and the neck are rectangles that are added with stitches when it is made. In Chichicastenengo, the chain stitch is used to form different shapes, such as pink flowers that are on the sides, decorated with leaves which may indicate that the garment belongs to a young man, since usually older men and those of relevance in the community preferred embroidery that displays the sun in red and yellow tones. The bottom of the jacket, sleeves and both sides of the jacket are also decorated with hand embroidered red lines. Note the red and yellow circles coming from the edge of the sleeves and under the flowers as well as the blue stitching on the shoulders and sleeves.

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