Challenge Call for Art: Instagram

This Instagram Challenge is now Closed.

We received many stunning artworks inspired by Guatemalan textiles and are working to post them on our site.
Come see them on our Instagram page!


Hosted by Friends of the Ixchel Museum (@ixchelfriends_textiles)

Friends of the Ixchel Museum (FOIM) is pleased to announce its first Instagram Challenge to engage contemporary artists who are working primarily in the field of textiles. FOIM is a non-profit organization in North America dedicated to the education, preservation, and promotion of Guatemalan textiles which supports Museo Ixchel del Traje Indígena, located in Guatemala City.

To celebrate the rich heritage of Guatemalan textile traditions, FOIM seeks submissions of artworks inspired by Maya weaving technical skills, material exploration and cultural connection.

Works will be curated by FOIM Board Members. Chosen artworks will be posted to the FOIM Instagram Account, and the artist’s account will be added as a collaborator for mutually beneficial exposure. Accepted artists will be considered for potential future exhibitions and collaborations.

Who Can Participate:

This Instagram Challenge is open to all contemporary artists worldwide who use textiles as their medium or source of inspiration, including but not limited to weaving, embroidery, soft sculpture, fashion design, basketry, painting etc.

How to Apply:

Please send a Direct Message (DM) on Instagram of up to 3 photographs, with an optional 3 detail images to @ixchelfriends_Textiles by November 30th, 2023.

Please include the title, year, medium and size of each piece. In addition, include a short statement of how your work relates to Guatemalan Textiles.

Submission Guidelines:

Artistic Fusion:
Artworks must transcend their utilitarian nature.
We value all artistic interpretations of fiber art, and are interested in works that express artistic concepts, creativity, originality and aesthetic value.

Diverse Fiber Art Techniques:
We welcome an array of fiber art techniques (and non fiber art too), encompassing weaving, embroidery, felting, quilting, macrame, mixed media, painting and much more.

Expanding Art Boundaries:
Submissions can encompass wall hangings, sculptures, installations, textile collages, paintings and experimental designs that challenge conventions.

Incorporating Tradition and Innovation:
Art pieces should celebrate Guatemala’s textile heritage while incorporating original and inventive approaches.

Elements of Guatemalan Textile Heritage:
Your art should resonate with one or more expressions of Guatemala’s textile heritage. Just a few examples: weaving techniques (backstrap, foot loom, Ikat), unique textile materials (such as brown cotton originally from Guatemala), decorative elements (pom poms, tassels), natural dyes (indigo, achiote seeds, cochineal, pericon).

Inspiring Artists:
To inspire your creativity, we’ve curated a selection of contemporary artists whose work has been influenced by the Guatemalan textile heritage.

Join the Challenge:
Embark on a journey that weaves art, culture, and innovation. Become part of the FOIM Instagram Challenge.

For inquiries, reach out to us by DM @Ixchelfriends_textiles.