May 22, 2021

by Raymond Senuk

In the June 2020 Newsletter, I wrote about early dyes used in Guatemala. I would like to expand on one of the dyes – murex. If you remember, murex is a very fast dye for purple that comes from a large genus of sea snails. One would always like to say something defini¬tive about a subject that interests them. For me, it has been a challenge to say something definitive about Guatemalan textiles, because there always seems to be an exception. Well, in San Pedro Sacatepéquez, weavers used murex in ceremonial textiles in the early 20th century, and I can say with a great deal of certainty that 1926 was the last year murex was used.

In This Issue

  • The Last Year Murex Was Used In San Pedro Sacatepéquez
  • In & Out of the Museum
  • The Friends of the Ixchel Museum Receives Bequest from Ana-María Orive Zaugg
  • Come Find Us

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