Jun 11, 2022

Even museum galleries need a facelift. New technologies, recent research, trends in fashion and public interest – all come together to set the table for important changes in how visitors experience objects and education.

Thanks to a pandemic lull and a significant bequest, the Museo Ixchel was able to completely redesign and reinstall one of its main galleries. When the museum reopened in March, visitors were treated to brighter and more accessible exhibits, making use of modern conservation-friendly lighting and fresh colors. The entire layout was rethought, and new systems for mounting mannequins were designed. There were new and additional displays of trajes, including recently-acquired contemporary pieces, as well as descriptions and examples of modern techniques such as machine embroidery or printed designs (sublimado). In addition, the collections of masks and Andrés Curruchich paintings were integrated, adding richness to the understanding of ceremonies and festivities. The gallery updated and retained its detailed bi-lingual labels, but additional information will be made available through QR codes.

In this issue:

  • Renovated Sala IV Amazes
  • Borgatti Bequest
  • School Exhibits Ramp Up
  • Mayan Traje Exhibit Lives on in New Jersey
  • Anne Hermann Lamborn

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